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Apr. 15th, 2009

kio - loveless

Shoebox Project Part 16: Halloween

Hello minions!
I have finally made another batch of icons. It's pretty large, actually. It took me two entire days to do o.o I always forget just how damn long iconing takes -_-;;
Even posting them takes ages -_-)

There are 67 icons (oh, holy crap, that is a lot), from shoebox_project, Part 16 - the 'crack' Halloween chapter (as opposed to the spooky Halloween chapter).


I hope you all enjoy them. I'm a little worried about the colour on my computer monitor, but hopefully they all look as lovely (and legible) on your screens, as the appear on mine.

Remember, all shoebox_project credit goes to ladyjaida and dorkorific (with original series credit to Rowling, I suppose...).
Brush credit goes to creepydolly.com. Table credit goes to Ze Icon Table Generator
(quick note, there are five icons per row, if you can't see them, switch to the 'link' version of this entry)
Please credit wisdomresurrect or 8cake if using, thank you!
Comments are love, but I realise we are all pretty lazy people.

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Jan. 28th, 2009

kio - loveless

long time no see

Post number two!
Photobucket . Photobucket . Photobucket . Photobucket

Mostly a dump from shoebox_project  Part 21A, but also some photos I took and Miku EATING A PUPPY (sorry, can't remember the credit for that, other than it's from Cure). Credit for the pirate swords goes to some website.

**Please credit wisdomresurrect  or 8cake  if you use these icons, thanks.
**Blanks are not bases.
**Comments are love...

More Loveless icons later :)

Nov. 11th, 2008

kio - loveless

volume eight

The first batch of icons (there will be many) from volume 08. These ones feature Ritsu and Seimei.
Remember to credit wisdomresurrect or 8cake, please.
Comments are love, but unnecessary =)
Blanks are NOT bases!!



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